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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's truly amazing how very quickly the "votes" can be registered on the VOCM Question of the Day — at one point this afternoon, at the rate of nearly 5 per second.

Click. Clear cookies. Refresh. Repeat. That's the drill, innit?

In the space of about 20 minutes, about 1600 votes were added to the already-high vote total. Of course, whenever the subject is near to Our Dear Premier's big, warm, fuzzy heart, the votes spike for some reason. Funny that.

Which makes it triply funny that.

Not only that there are so many votes.

Not only that so many of the newly-added votes are favourable to the position O.D.P. himself would likely take, if he had the time in his busy, busy day, too busy even to reconvene the legislature that he was just re-elected to, to vote in an online straw poll

Especially that there should be such a mismatch between the "votes" and the comments, both on-line and on-air, which were harshly, and often hilariously, critical of O.D.P.


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