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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Tuesday morning "What If?" game

Some fun with the preliminary Quebec election numbers as reported by Radio-Canada:

  • 1608 votes, in five ridings, moved from the winner’s column to the runner-up ADQ candidate’s, and Mario Dumont would be Premier. 17,678 votes in 22 ridings, and he’d be Premier heading a majority ADQ government.
  • 10,760 votes, in 15 ridings, and Jean Charest would have been given the no-longer customary second majority mandate.
  • 10,238 votes in 10 ridings, and André Boisclair would have headed a minority PQ government. It would have taken 56,120 votes, strategically re-allocated in 27 ridings, to give him a majority.
  • And accepting, solely for fun’s sake, that the leftist-separatist Québec Solidaire vote would otherwise go, en bloc, to the PQ. If so, it cost the PQ five seats, three which went ADQ, and two which went PLQ.
  • One of them was Sherbrooke.

Addendum: A total of 3% changing hands uniformly across the board — 1.5% from each of the PLQ and ADQ — would have resulted in a PQ minority government. Those who give Quebec political separatist movements the last rites, have been proved wrong at every turn in the past. Why are they right now?


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