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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


More from Chairman Dan's speech to ANNOIA:
The only thing probably more insulting is that in a province where 80% of eastern Canada's discovered oil and gas resources are located, and where we produce almost 50% of Canada's conventional light crude oil, there is absolutely zero Natural Resource Canada employment presence in this province.

In fact, the Canada Hibernia Holding Company is located in Alberta, a slap in the face to a province that contributes over one billion dollars a year to federal coffers in oil revenue.
Voisey's Bay Nickel has 25 corporate jobs in St. John's, and none in Labrador, a region that contributes over $200-million to provincial coffers in mineral revenue. Danny, is that a slap in the face to Labrador? Why or why not?

Labrador generally far outstrips Newfoundland in terms of annual mineral exploration expenditures and claims staked, and over 96% of the annual mineral output of the province. Yet the Department of Natural Resources Mines Branch is concentrated in St. John's. Danny, is that a slap in the face to Labrador? Why or why not?


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