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Saturday, June 09, 2007

More separatism from Comrade Rowe

Having never met a separatist movement, or a political partition, real or hypothetical, he didn't like, Comrade Bill Rowe takes out his crayons and writes in this week's column for The Telegram:

In Bratislava, I asked some Slovakians how their little country was doing after their separation from the former Czechoslovakia. Great, they said, because Slovakia is finally able to attract investment and industry that would have gone before to the powerful Czech part of the union.

Food for thought there for this little province?
"Food for thought," indeed.

Comrade Rowe's Newfoundland nationalist-imperialist fanbase had better hope that this idea, or his previous column almost convincingly arguing in favour of Labrador's secession from Dannystan, don't get wider circulation in the "little" Labrador part of the province.

Who knows what the outcome might be for the "powerful Newfoundland part of the union"?


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