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Monday, July 23, 2007

Facts? Who needs 'em?

More hilarity from the due of Sue Kelland-Dyer and Carl Powell. From the Thursday running of Backtalk, here’s Sue:
SKD: If you had North Dakota taking part of Manitoba, if you had New York taking part of Quebec, if you had Ontario taking part of Quebec in a map, it would not be tolerated. It is tolerated here by both the federal and provincial governments, we’re nothing in this nation.

Linda: But they don’t have any real jurisdiction there…

SKD: I don’t care!
And here’s the equally fact-allergic Carl, the next day:
Carl: I’ve been told that, by the Quebec government, it is now official, as of last fall some time, that any map, that’s printed in Quebec, or any map that’s pertaining to Quebec, or comes into Quebec, must show that new border. And I have right in front of me a map from a diamond company that’s registered in British Columbia, that’s involved with these diamonds I just mentioned up on the Torngat and that area, shows a full-colour map in their brochure, and that full-colour map has that Labrador border changed. And I cannot believe…

Linda: But it’s a brochure!

Carl: No, it’s in a magazine called World Resources.
Perhaps Carl can explain... first, how the fact that it’s in a magazine is more legally-weighty than if it was in a brochure, and then, what official instrument it is that makes it “official” that you can not only not produce a map in Quebec which doesn’t purport to tinker with the boundary, but that you can’t even bring one into the province.


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