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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not-so-great moments in journalism

Reporting in the latest edition of the Newfoundland Weekly Separatist, Ivan Morgan extracted the following line out of Danny Williams regarding his election year sell-hydro-to-Rhode-Island McGuffin:

“The undersea route has always been a personal preference of mine — just a personal preference — for all the obvious reasons,” Williams tells The Independent.
It's at about this point in the interview where a real journalist, working for a real newspaper, would interject, “Mr. Premier, could you elaborate? What are these 'obvious reasons', anyway?”

And then, said real journalist would report the response.

But this is the Newfoundland Separation Federation's weekly newsletter, so it's too much to hope.

Perhaps some other outlet will dare to ask the Great Man what 'all the obvious reasons' are.


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