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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Charter reports:

[Finance Minister Tom] Marshall says he is concerned that some provinces do not understand how equalization works.
There most certainly are!

Like the provinces which are apparently surprised to learn that as their own-source fiscal capacity goes up, their equalization entitlement goes down:

“That's the problem we had. We had these revenues, we had oil revenues, we had mineral revenues, but the problem is as those revenues came in, our equalization went down,” he says.


“The problem is the way the equalization formula works, as the revenues go up, equalization goes down. As our fiscal capacity gets higher and higher, we get less and less equalization.”
Or like the province which can write utter fiction like this:

“The Atlantic Accord was meant to protect us from the loss of equalization because of oil and gas. Now what the Atlantic Accord is doing, it now has a reverse result. It is now taking away equalization. It is doing the opposite of what it was first intended to do,” he says.


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