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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


A comment on The Telegram website. Res ipsa loquitur, but just in case, the best bits are highlighted:
3. John Lake from St. Phillips, Newfoundland writes: For only the third time in my 35 years as a voter I voted Progressive Coservative.
It wasn't so much for the party because i know nothing about my local candidate.
It was a vote for Danny Williams.
It was a vote for Newfoundland.
Danny Williams is a Newfoundlander. He refers to Newfoundlanders as a race. He believes Newfoundland is a distinct and unique society. Heard that phrase before, have you?
Not since Cheslie Crosbie
has there been someone with the political will to protect Newfoundland interests above all others. Someone who is not overwhelmed by partisan politics and is willing to take on all adversaries regardless of their political stripe.
When was the last time a premier of this province was willing to challenge a Canadian Prime Minister of the same political party?
We have too long been lambs to the slaughter. About time we had a lion to protect the flock.


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