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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Residency restrictions redux

It was one thing to hear Our Dear Premier's designated attack poodles, freshly armed with nasty talking points, take on British Columbian Brian Peckford the other morning, especially in light of O.D.P.'s known history of spirited defence of Mr. Peckford's legacy and reputation.

It was something else altogether to read O.D.P. baring his own fangs today, in a Baird-Antle joint production:

Premier Danny Williams suggests that former premiers should “shut up and go away” once they leave office, and not criticize incumbent governments.

“I find it sad when former premiers comment on current administrations,” Williams said.

“I pray to God that I never do that when I finish politics.

“I certainly hope that I can make a commitment to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador that I won’t provide gratuitous comments or opinions on someone who succeeds you — different times, different circumstances.”


“I’m disappointed,” Williams said of Peckford’s commentary. “I think there’s a point in time when politicians should move on.”

He said he tries not to comment on the actions of previous administrations, and won’t critique his successor whenever he leaves office.

“Hopefully, I can live up to what I’ve said, and when I get out of politics, then I’ll shut up and go away,” Williams said.
Interesting... Former Premiers, O.D.P. say, should "move on", especially, according to the attack poodles, if they "live out there", or if they are "not a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador".

So by those standards, what makes it acceptable for Danny Williams to inject himself into the provincial politics of Quebec?

"The more we can spread out our energy supply means that we won't be totally dependent on Quebec for energy — which, given the volatility of politics in Quebec, could be a very, very sensitive situation in years to come," Williams warned.
Or New Brunswick?

"Obviously [he] and Stephen Harper are very, very close," Williams said. "He hitched his wagon to Stephen Harper's horse during the New Brunswick election, and you know where that got him."
Or Nova Scotia?

"The bottom line is that Nova Scotians have basically said yes to less," Williams told reporters Wednesday, after Harper and MacDonald made a joint announcement in Ottawa.

"[The feds] haven't lived up to the promise. In fact, they've gotten Rodney MacDonald to take less, and, you know, Stephen Harper has a way of preying on the weak," Williams said.
Or Saskatchewan? As Rob Antle reported for The Telegram after this month's election in that province:

Williams said he expects Saskatchewan to continue its role in the federal fray.

"I would certainly think that the new premier (Wall) in Saskatchewan would have to take up the equalization fight. The kind of dollars that Saskatchewan (is) losing because of that promise are huge."
"You know, to live out there and then come in here and tell us we're doing it all wrong is a bit much," one current Tory cabinet minister told the former Tory premier.

"Well I must remind you that actually Brian Peckford is not in government number one, number two is that he's not a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador," said another.

Danny himself finds "it sad when former premiers comment on current administrations..."

But current Premiers are, it would seem, allowed to comment on current administrations, in provinces where they are not resident.

Are there any rules, even his own, that Danny doesn't think he's above?


At 7:46 AM, November 30, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points, as usual.

“I find it sad when former premiers comment on current administrations,” Williams said.

Somehow, that reminds me of something Michael Scott would say.

Reading the fact-checking here at labradore, I often wonder: are these guys evil, or just stunned? I'm leaning toward stunned.

Stunned, and thin-skinned, by the look of it.


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