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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Danny vs. Duplessis (III)

Duplessis knew how to be fierce when necessary.He never drew back an inch in the face of a threat to grab from him that which he desired more than all else in the world: the great power he enjoyed as Provincial Government leader. At Shawinigan, in the St. Maurice constituency, he once declared that if the voters re-elected a member of the Opposition, a bridge needed for the heavy local traffic would not be built. They were warned. And when they elected a Liberal Opposition member anyway, the bridge was no built while Duplessis was alive.

In Verchères County, Duplessis said during a political meeting in 1952: “I warned you not to elect a Liberal candidate. You did not listen to me. Unfortunately your riding did not receive any of the grants, the subsidies that could have made it a happier place in which to live. I hope you have now learrned your lesson and that you will vote against the Liberals this time.”

Examples of this type of bullying are plentiful. In Huntingdon riding, during a by-election, Duplessis declared: “You want roads, schools? ou want your riding to make progress? Let us know about it by your votes. We will respect this expression of your desires.”

- Pierre Laporte, The True Face of Duplessis, 1960, pp. 86-87

“Since the PC government got in, I might as well say it, we never got nothing in Harbour Grace,” Short said.

Minister Rideout says he offers no apologies for addressing transportation issues in government districts throughout the province.



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