"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Friday, January 11, 2008

We is the centre of the universe

Oh, the life of a cabinet minister in Williams Government.

Not only do you not count in the larger scheme of things (or the smaller scheme, for that matter), your job, these days, seems to consist entirely of fluffing Our Dear Premier, to wit:

Tom Rideout, trumpeting Provincial Government Says Much Progress Has Been Made on the Seal Hunt:

Early in 2007, Premier Danny Williams met with a number of journalists from the European Union to ensure they were getting all the facts of the industry from the perspective of the province. The journalists represented the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and Poland.

In 2006, the Provincial Government was successful in having Costco return seal oil capsules to the shelves of the St. John’s location. That same year, Premier Williams made a very successful appearance on Larry King Live to address misinformation being put forward on the industry.
Dianne Whalen, boasting Provincial Government Announces Record Roads Funding:
"Premier Williams has made infrastructure improvement a top priority for this government. Our government is in the third year of a six-year infrastructure strategy, worth over $2 billion, and our unprecedented investment in our transportation network and early approval of the Provincial Roads Improvement Program is a key part of this plan. This significant funding will not only make our roads smoother and safer, it will impact our economy and tourism industry," concluded Minister Whalen.
Everything, or at least everything Sunshine and Happiness, revolves around, or comes from, Danny Williams. He is whatever you want Him to be.

And if you wanted, and he could, he'd be a taco that craps ice cream.

Who could ever dare question the Danny Cult of Personality? The other ones worked out so well, didn't they?


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