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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Changing times

Radio-Canada reports:

En fin de semaine, les élus de Blanc-Sablon ont avancé leurs horloges d'une heure.

Habituellement, les résidents de la Basse-Côte-Nord ne changent jamais leur heure et se retrouvent sur le même fuseau horaire que le Québec au printemps et à l'été. En changeant d'heure, Blanc-Sablon souhaite faciliter ses relations d'affaires avec le Labrador, qui vit à l'heure avancée de l'Atlantique.
Free/libre translation:

Over the weekend, elected officials in Blanc Sablon put their clocks ahead by one hour.

Ordinarily, residents of the Lower North Shore do not change their time zone, and fall into the same time zone as Quebec during the spring and summer. By changing their time zone, Blanc Sablon hopes to encourage its business dealings with Labrador, which follows Atlantic Daylight Saving Time.
Trying to promote cross-border business.

Instead of being paranoid about it...
We are part of one Province. We want people there to feel a strong part of our Province. I think we have to do things that would bring us closer together, not facilitate the movement of goods and all services through Quebec into our Province.
...or trying to sabotage it.

Imagine that!


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