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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From the masthead

Today's Telegram editorial says, in part:

Watson will milk this latest arrest for whatever it's worth in the court of public opinion. The problem with such arrests is that we run the risk of giving anti-sealing campaigners exactly what they've been looking for all along.
Which is pretty much the same thing that the >spit< Globe and Mail masthead said yesterday:

Rather than marginalizing Mr. Watson, however, the government has played directly into his hands. Thanks to Mr. Hearn's political machinations, Mr. Watson just got more free publicity than he likely ever dreamed of.
And yesterday, radio host, No Names Please, as is his wont, dumped all over the Glop and Pail for being "cynical" and "mainland" and "Toronto" and "Canadian", and all those other nasty things.

We Must Confute Our Traducers.

So it'll be interesting to hear No Names Please's take on the today's local masthead.

Or, as per the official nationalist talking points, is the Telegram still to be officially condemned as a "Kay Beck" company?


At 12:24 PM, April 15, 2008 , Blogger Geoff Meeker said...

Glop and Pail? Don't you mean Grub and Snail?

At 1:38 PM, April 15, 2008 , Blogger Mark said...

Grope and flail


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