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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Selective autonomy (III)

We'll build Our Own Dear Fisheries Research Vessel, but rely on Saskatchabush for nucular safety?
MS DUNDERDALE: Mr. Speaker, last week I acknowledged that the Nunatsiavut Government’s decision to put a moratorium on uranium development in their land claim areas was entirely within their jurisdiction and a decision that we respected, and that is so.

In terms of our own regulation, we are very confident, and I am happy to provide a copy of the regulations to the Leader of the NDP. She is more than welcome to them. We base our regulations on standards that were developed in Saskatchewan who has a long history of uranium development and one of the safest records in the world. So, we are very confident. We recognize, as I said, Nunatsiavut’s right to do what it did but we also have a right to make decisions on our lands and we have done so, and we stand by that, Mr. Speaker.
Surely, if we have Our Own Dear Population Ecology and Our Own Dear Marine Biology, we must also have Our Own Dear Nuclear Physics and Our Own Dear Environmental Science, too, no?

But hey, at least We aren't just doing whatever Dalton McGuinty does in >huckthoo!< Ontario
MS DUNDERDALE: As I said, our standards are not based on what is done in Ontario. They are based on the standards that are practiced in Saskatchewan, which has one of the best safety records for uranium mining in the world, Mr. Speaker.


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