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Friday, May 09, 2008


From a Chris Morris report for the Canadian Press:

The possibility of plugging all of Atlantic Canada into the massive hydro riches of the Lower Churchill Falls will be discussed as the region's premiers gather in Fredericton on Friday.
Memo to Chris: There's no such place or thing as "Lower Churchill Falls". Honestly.

There's a Churchill Falls. There's a so-called Lower Churchill project on the perennial drawing board. But there's no "Lower Churchill Falls." It's imaginary. Youse guyse at CP are the only ones who believe this place exists.

Perhaps it does.

In Narnia.
"The premier of Newfoundland is looking to advance the Churchill Falls project and we're the only province in Atlantic Canada certified to produce nuclear power," Graham said in an interview, referring to New Brunswick's request for proposals from the private sector to build a second reactor.
Memo to Shawn: Since Newfoundland is not a province of its own, Newfoundland does not have a premier of its own. And the Churchill Falls project — see above — was completed 35 years ago; there is nothing left to advance.


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