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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Monstrous hybrids

Danny Williams November 1, 2001, speech to the St. John's Board of Trade — this was back in the day when Mr. Accountability still published his speeches — reveals that he subscribes to the school of thought that a province should be run like a business:
I intend to bring a business approach to government that balances compassion with practical reality.
Then there are some, like Joan Forsey, who think that a province should not be run like a business:
This contains two highly questionable assumptions: that carrying on a business and delivering a public service are comparable; and that the cost of delivering a public service in remote rural areas is the same as in the province’s largest city.
And finally, there are those who think a business should be run like a province:

Talks Surrounding NLRC To Happen in Qatar Tomorrow
June 21, 2008

Meetings with potential investors in Qatar are planned for tomorrow and Monday in an effort to bail out Newfoundland and Labrador Refining Corporation.The Director of the Refining Corporation says he's remaining optimistic in light of the company's current situation. SNC Lavalin, one of it's contractors, served the company Thursday with action in Supreme Court asking the corporation be declared bankrupt. Brian Dalton says their first action will be to address the issue. Dalton says the company is seeking investors from outside the North American Market. Dalton says he is encouraged by their response and says yesterday they were working hard to inform them of the latest developments.

Premier Danny Williams and Natural Resources Minister Kathy Dunderdale are in Qatar where they hope to pitch the project to the investment community. Dunderdale says they still believe in the project.

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