"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Headline humour

This morning, VOCM had a story on its splash page:
No Apologies from PC's on MUN Pres.
July 30, 2008

Opposition Education Critic Roland Butler says government's interference in Memorial University is threatening its autonomy. However, Education Minister Joan Burke makes no apologies for getting involved in the selection process to choose a new president for Memorial. Burke says despite reports to the contrary, she vetoed a short list of candidates for the job, not Premier Danny Williams.
The story has since been buried, though you might be forgiven for thinking, briefly, that it's still up... under a new headline:
Tories Pick Candidate



At 11:12 PM, July 31, 2008 , Blogger babe in boyland said...

this is just loathesome


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