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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't tread on He

The Western Star masthead advises caution:
There seems to be no legal way out of that dilemma; we just have to wait until the contract expires in another few decades.

If global warming doesn’t mess things up, water should still be running downhill then, and our grandchildren will hopefully gain some benefit from it.

That sad reality is just another reason to tread carefully on any potential agreement for the Lower Churchill hydro project which is still waiting to get off the ground.

The people of this province have never been able to put the Upper Churchill deal behind them and will never stand for another give-away of any of our resources — hydro power or otherwise.
Tread carefully?

Is that what Danny Williams-Government has been doing on the so-called "go it alone" Lower Churchill? What, after engaging in holy wars against both Quebec and Ottawa, even as he solicits their cash to "go it alone" with?

Or, for that matter, is He "treading carefully" on the Hebron deal, which — unlike, say, the Voisey's Bay one — was never, and will never be, brought before the House of Assembly?

(On the other hand, exactly like the so-called Upper Churchill deal, Hebron was done entirely behind closed doors, with no public scrutiny and no legislative debate, when the opposition had been reduced to three seats by a personality-cult strongman Premier.)

Tread carefully, indeed.

Too bad that the Star, for some unfathomable reason, doesn't fill in the rest of the blanks: "treading carefully" has not been, is not, and probably never will be a hallmark of Danny Williams-Government.

"Don't let it happen again"?

Newsflash, newsroom: IT ALREADY HAS.


At 10:42 AM, November 20, 2008 , Blogger Drew said...

considering that both deals were based on a stability of energy/resource prices that apparently doesn't exist you are pretty much right on the money

chevron is to BRINCO as williams is to __________ [hint: begins with 's', ends will 'mallwood']


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