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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mmmmm.... smelt (II)

The following is a real article, with particular details and dates obscured.

There's a prize — really — for the first person (other than an anonymous troll) who can post or email the date of this article.

It's obviously before 2000. Not quite as obviously, it's also after 1965. (Bragging rights if you can tell why.)

* * *

Nfld., firm plan study of smelter


ST. JOHN'S — The Newfoundland Government and [COMPANY] of [CITY] have agreed to share the cost of a $500,000 study to determine the feasibility of a major aluminum smelter in Newfoundland.

[PORTFOLIO] Minister [NAME NAME] said a joint management team from the company and the provincial Government has been established to direct the study, which is scheduled for completion by the end of 19__. Last month, Mr. [NAME] estimated the cost of the proposed aluminum smelter at $1-billion.

Being evaluated as the energy source for the aluminum smelter are two sites in Labrador on the Churchill River. A power plant at Muskrat Falls would cost $3-billion to $4-billion, while one at Gull Island would cost $4-billion to $6-billion.

The larger Gull Island site would deliver power at a per unit energy cost about 40 per cent lower than a Muskrat Falls project, the announcement said.

[COMPANY] is a subsidiary of [COMPANY] of [CITY].


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