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Monday, December 29, 2008

That much less to shred

Having made it easier to destroy its own paper trails, Danny Williams-Government, The Telegram notes that DWG is busy reducing the number, length, and width of such trails it creates in the first place:
Cheers: to saving paper - and making records disappear. Or should this be a jeer? One of the things to come out of the Cameron inquiry is the strange situation that the senior level of this province is not only paper-less, it seems to be message-less. The premier's chief of staff testified he prefers to do things in person or by telephone, rather than sending e-mails or written messages. The premier himself says he's not much for using the e-mail system, either. And we've been noticing a disturbing trend when we use Access to Information legislation to get briefing notes for new cabinet ministers - some departments now insist they don't brief their ministers at all, and there are no records of them telling their ministers anything about their new responsibilities. Given something else that came up at the Cameron inquiry - the ability of so many of the premier's staff to not recall things - perhaps a paper trail wouldn't be a bad thing to have after all.
In all fairness to ODP, dear Telegram, nothing could be further from the truth.

He's not entirely averse to using email.



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