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Friday, January 23, 2009

Someone didn't get the memos

Everton McLean recounts Jerome!'s economic report to the St. John's Bored of Trade:
Kennedy said he doesn't expect to get much from Ottawa in the stimulus package expected next week with the federal budget.

"There's been very little indication given as to what they're going to do. There's been all this talk about stimulus, but we have no indication as to where and how stimulus money could be spent," Kennedy said, although he did plug a new federal penitentiary as a good idea for a stimulus project in this province.
While Kennedy prepared the people at the conference for lean times, economists gave a fairly favourable picture of what the province can expect.

In an audio clip yesterday on VOCM, Jerome! also fustigated against Stephen [spit!] Harper for not predicting the economic downturn.

Jerome!, apparently, didn't get a number of key memos [or non-ATIPpable oral briefings — ed.]
1. The ABC campaign is over, and the hatchet is buried.

2. The future isn't gloomy, so there are no "lean times" to prepare for.

3. Another First Minister with a spurious reputation for brilliance was a bit off in his economic forecast, too.


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