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Monday, February 09, 2009

The inclusive afterthought

Another gem of an exchange (and it got even better) between in-studio Crosstalk host, masquerading journalist Craig Westcott, and one of the last in a long string of entirely spontaneous callers, Peter Whittle:

Craig Wesctott: Peter, you got the website up with the “Pink, White and Green”, what is it, “Standing up for…” what?

Peter Whittle:Standing up for Newfoundland”, I think, and Labrador.
For the record, the graphic — since bit-bucketted — which until a few days ago graced the splash page over at Polemic and Paradox, with the pink, white, and green colour scheme of the Newfoundland nationalist, and Labrador, movement, and an outline map of Newfoundland, I think, and Labrador.

And Saint-Pierre. And Miquelon:


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