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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six impossible things before breakfast (II)

Another one for the dissonance pile: the 2007 pre-election position stated by Kathy Dunderdale who then, as now, was Minister of Natural Resources:
"Transmission lines can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and we need to understand the size and timing of any additional demand so that we can plan, design and build any required facilities. This is sound energy planning for taxpayers and ratepayers... New Labrador transmission infrastructure will be constructed as needed to support energy intensive industrial development. Increasing power demand in Labrador will grow the economy and further power development, including the Lower Churchill Project."
Do the same principles apply to the outstarve proposed to link the imaginary Lower Churchill Project to Soldier's Pond, near the Holyrood thermal station, which will not shut down?

What is the size and timing of the "additional demand" and "energy intensive industrial development" that justifies the outstarve line?

Since "additional demand" and "energy intensive industrial development" are the very justifications for running transmission lines — at least in Labrador — those factors must also be present in Newfoundland.... right?



At 8:52 PM, March 12, 2009 , Blogger Edward G. Hollett said...

If you look at the proposals, you will see that the increased demand on the Island and in labrador is froecast as 230 megawatts over the course of a decade or two.

That's it.

And that's NOT including any efforts to promote energy efficiency.


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