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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr Speaker, do your job (VIII)

Do your job, Mr. Speaker.

Do your job, Mr. Speaker.


Mr. Speaker, DO. YOUR. JOB.
MR. HICKEY: I rise today to provide this hon. House with an update on the Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador. This five year, dynamic, cross-departmental plan provides a clear focus of the Williams Government’s pledge to provide a better future for all Labradorians.


MR. TAYLOR: Mr. Speaker, none of this – I say again, none of this - would have happened, number one, if the members opposite, in their infinite wisdom in 2000, had not kicked the Auditor General out of the House, and none of this would have been done – uncovered, identified – and none of the prosecutions would have taken place, none of the charges would have been laid, none of this would have uncovered and laid bare before the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, had it not been for the election of 2003 when Premier Williams and this government were installed in this place as the government.



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