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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Dan is my Shepherd, I shall not want

Among the venom, vitriol, red herrings, ad-hominems and non-sequiturs of Jeff Rose-Martland's twin screeds last week in NL Press and the Telegram, was the following
Does [Randy Simms] think that the government can make cod and lobster and other fish suddenly return to our ocean? Danny Williams has been called many things, but this may be the first time he’s been called God.
Indeed. You wouldn't want to deify a mere mortal like Danny Williams. Which makes it that much odder, four paragraphs later, when the accomplished young writer chooses an ancient and familiar metaphor:
Premier Williams is bringing us to new pastures [...]
In his antepenultimate paragraph, the epistolist-cum-hagiographer claims:
Premier Williams looks forwards to a prosperous future where Newfoundland is a successful industrial society, free from the vagaries of nature, and is working to accomplish that.
Freedom from the vagaries of nature?

Good God, Jeff, who or what do you think Danny Williams is?


At 9:11 AM, June 29, 2009 , Blogger Mark said...

Maybe there's a first grovel award forthcoming.


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