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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not his concern, to be honest witcha

From the Memory Hole, October 2008:

COFFEY, Q.C.: April 1st-2nd of ’08, but what I wanted to ask you about is this, Mr. Williams, and again, without taking you through each of the stories, there are a number of stories in the media, and in fact, there was some—and it was talked about on open line shows, and I’ll just bring up one example of it, P-0667. Actually, P-0666, I apologize. This is a transcript of what was said October 25th, 2005 on VOCM Talkback involving Mr. Rowe and a lady identified as Patricia, and this talks about the ER/PR matter, and as you can see from it, just go down the page a little bit, see the reference to Tamoxifen, estrogen receptors are negative and so on. So at this date in the media, throughout—certainly throughout October 2005, I wanted to ask you, were you aware of that?

MR. WILLIAMS: Of these particular stories?

COFFEY, Q.C.: Not of these particular stories, but the fact that it was in the media?

MR. WILLIAMS: I would have to say I would have been aware of it. I’m very much aware of what goes on in the media now. What Randy Simms says on a daily basis is not my concern, I got to be honest with you, but you know, I do get moved and moved to action as well by people like Patricia or if on TV I see stories that--I can specifically remember dialysis stories about people travelling three times a week, three hours to and three hours from dialysis units, and that was a big part in us putting in dialysis machines in remote areas of this province. So I am conscious of them and I am much on top of this.


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