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Monday, June 22, 2009

A thought on bullies

Another interesting observation from CBC's seasoned political report David Cochrane, from the June 10th edition of Crosstalk. His guests were opposition leaders Yvonne Jones and Lorraine Michael:

Jones: We've seen a number of examples where, Tom Rideout, for example, was another one who took a public view on and issue and within weeks was gone from cabinet, caucus —

Cochrane: Well, if you listen to the other people in the cabinet and the caucus, he was also trying to bully a few people to get some extra money for his district, y'know, so I don't know if the Tom Rideout thing was so much disagreeing with the Premier as maaaybe not doing the right thing... the motive of that may be another topic for discussion.

So there you have it: one politician bullying another politician in an attempt to shake them down for more money to dole out to his constituents, is maaaybe not the right thing, with questionable motives behind it.

For future reference, that's good to know.


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