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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing it by ear

Michael Connors reports for NTV news:
The opposition parties say the government is trying to circumvent Access to Information requests by not putting anything in writing. That's after Health Minister Paul Oram admitted he is only getting verbal briefings from his officials. But Premier Danny Williams is jumping to the defence of his minister, saying he also prefers aural briefings. Oram was the second minister to admit doing it. He says he asked for verbal briefings only as he settles into his new job as health minister. That means no briefing notes on paper, and that means his briefings cannot be obtained by Access to Information requests. Joan Burke is doing the same thing in her new job as minister of child youth and family services. The opposition says the government is clearly trying to sidestep Access to Information laws. But Premier Williams says he agrees with the way his ministers are doing business. And he flat out denies that there is any co-ordinated effort throughout cabinet to circumvent the law.
And well he should deny! If it’s false, it’s false. And if it’s true, you honestly think they’d still be stupid enough to put anything to do with that co-ordinated effort [there is no co-ordinated effort — ed.] into ATIPPable writing?

So let’s see: Himself, Paul Oral, and Joan Burke, like Meg Griffin, like getting it in the ear.

And so does John Hickey. Rob Antle reported in the Telegram on August 28, 2006:
The Department of Labrador Affairs has solved the problem of having to publicly disclose ministerial briefing papers.

It doesn't create them.

Incoming Labrador Affairs Minister John Hickey was briefed verbally upon taking over the portfolio in early July.
That’s four members of the current cabinet. How many more are there?

Is it possible that the government is being run by the Aural Majaurity?



At 9:13 PM, August 18, 2009 , Blogger Mark said...

I guess written briefing notes are the last remaining difference between being a Cabinet Minister and being an open line plant.

At 3:05 PM, August 19, 2009 , Blogger Edward Hollett said...

They've systematically done away with written briefing notes since 2006.

At some point people will clue in that this is a cabinet-level policy endorsed around the table.

If for some reason it isn't then they need to get a grip since this will affect the way government works or doesn't work.


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