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Friday, October 02, 2009

Aux urnes!

Our Dear Premier, checking in with VOCM via cellphone from somewhere, telegraphs Our intentions regarding the Straits and White Bay North by-election, which is not just imminent, but very imminent!

We, as a government, have had a policy of not wasting any time to call by-elections. We don’t think districts should go for any extended period of time unrepresented. So we try and call the by-elections as soon as is reasonably possible, and I would suggest to ya that that will be in the very immediate future.
So the by-election is coming. But if you live in the district in question, don't let the lack of an official call stop you from voting. No sirree. You can already vote in a by-election which has yet to be called.

Take the Premier's word to the bank, or, actually, to the elections office. Call them on Monday.


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