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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video hit

Many thanks to the communications SuperGeniuses (you guys really are worth your weight in gold) on the Eighth Floor. Your periodic pushes to have Dear Leader do as many scrums as humanly possible are a never-ending source of fodder for the bloggerating classes.

And special thanks to CBC for their public service in posting up raw video of the whole avail, not just the soundbites that make it to Here and Now. Monday's episode (DW 20091026: Just not on) contained a wealth of material, including this geographical puzzler:
Not only are they [i.e., Hydro-Quebec] trying to prevent us from taking our power from the island and transporting it somewhere else, they're now going to tell us what to do with our river. And that's just not on.
Houston, we have a new catchphrase! Coming soon from a cabinet minister, spontaneously reading script onto the airwaves of VOCM.

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