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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Attendance will be kept

While certain members of the Naysaying Anti Posse* point out how Himself wastes less and less time in the House of Assembly, even when He does show up, across the water in New Brunswick, Shawn Graham points out Himself's less-than-stellar attendance record in another forum, in which He has membership:
Graham originally doubted that he would be able to attend because of the demands of the legislature - news that Williams described as "disappointing" since the meeting is specifically to discuss energy.

But now Graham says he will travel to Churchill Falls on Thursday evening.

"For the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador to be complaining that I wouldn't be attending the meeting, I felt that was unfortunate," Graham said.

"I've seen Danny Williams skip out on a number of meetings. He didn't attend the Council of Atlantic Premiers meeting in Nova Scotia last year because, at that time, he was feuding with (former Nova Scotia premier) Rodney MacDonald over the offshore accords [...] He chose to miss out and I didn't criticize him because I recognized the politics involved."

*There Is No Naysaying Anti Posse.



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