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Friday, November 13, 2009

Mr. Accountability (VI): We stand for quick access to information

From the proceedings of the Bow-Wow Parliament of December 3, 2001:
[MR. WILLIAMS]: If the minister of that department decides, after fifteen days - we are now up to 264 days - that they are going to reject it, then what is my option? My option then is to go to the Supreme Court of Newfoundland. First of all, I have to pay for the expense of all this, because this is obviously costing somebody money. I don’t know what my fees are going to be, but I have to pay the expense. Then I have to go to the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland. How long is that going to take? I have to hire a lawyer, I have to retain a lawyer, I have to get an application done, I have to get it before the court and I have to get a decision. A long time.

It is not inconceivable that it could be over a year before you finally realize that you are either going to get the information or you do not get the information. That is the new and improved act. What is the good of that? We stand for quick access to information. This act does not provide it.

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