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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Northern exposure

Hospitality Newfoundland and Newfoundland maintains its long-standing silence on Labrador marine passenger and tourist transportation, but there are finally glimmers that HNN has discovered that it is ostensibly the tourism industry association for the entire province:
“The Trans Labrador Highway will have an incredible impact on the tourism industry of Labrador and travellers planning to visit,” says [Bruce] Sparkes. “It will allow much easier access to many of the places that make Labrador such a unique destination. It goes without saying that residents deserve this piece of infrastructure, however, travellers now also have new options for travelling within the region. Opening the highway now allows time for potential travellers to make plans for the upcoming season and hopefully we will see the fruits of all the hard work that has gone into this project.”

Perhaps come the summer, Sparkes will finally have something to say in public about things like this, this, this, and this, just as it has lots and lots to say about ferries that the federal minister of transportation isn't responsible for.

Heck, perhaps someone should ask him, now.


At 4:15 AM, December 20, 2009 , Blogger Brian said...

Why there is even the ghost ferry Northern Ranger that wisps tourists and locals up and down the Labrador coast that is purported to be owned by the provincial government.
Not w wee peep out of anyone on its many shortcomings, except for meself.


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