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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question time (I)

Some interesting revelations in Saturday's Tellytorial:
What do you think? Do you think Newfoundland and Labrador has benefited since joining Canada in 1949? Do you know anybody who's left the province to work in Alberta in the past six months?

Do you consider yourself foremost a Newfoundlander, a Canadian, or something else?
Those are some of the topics addressed in recent public-opinion polling of residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Interesting questions, all.

And it would be interesting to see how the respondents to those questions from the CRA August quarterly omnibus survey.

Very interesting, indeed.

But you know what would be even interestinger?

Finding out who the client was, who paid to have those nationalism-related questions on the omnibus in the first place.

One big hint: it wasn't a media client, not only because they are impecunious, but mainly because if it had been... they would already have turned their commissioned poll into a story or two by now.

Who bought the questions?



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