"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That mug again

An unusual photo-editorial choice this morning over at the Ministry of Truth (Provincial) on-line division:

The press release which engendered this story is linked to in the coda where it says "click here."

Go ahead. Click. Just come back when you're done.

OK, you're back. Notice anything?

Well, besides the hysterical "farce" noted up by Bond Papers yesterday.

That's right: Danny Williams-Government didn't make that announcement. Danny Williams-Government wasn't even "quoted" in the release.

Some other minister, possibly hiding under a cloak of anonymity, made it. Susan Boyle or Loyola Sullivan or someone. Ah, what odds, it doesn't matter.

Really, now: how hard must it suck to be a member of the Danny Williams "Team"?



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