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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Government Side

The following comments on Friday's CBC report about the brewing storm in St. Anthony might be genuine expressions of opinion by ordinary members of the public.

Or it might be the work of Spontaneous Outrage Organizing Committee, given that the approve/disapprove ratios on the comments have swung wildly, lo these past 48 hours — a hypoethesis buttressed by the fact that as of mid-afternoon on Sunday, the VOCM Question of the Day is pushing 30,000 "votes".

Whichever is the case — genuine immaturity in the political culture, or ham-fisted attempt to manipulate public opinion — the comments go to show a great deal of what is wrong with politics in Dannystan:

Irv Heinz wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 11:19 AM ET

They never valued what they had - why don't they call Yvonne!

Chris08 wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 11:22 AM ET

You reap what you sow. This is not rocket science. There are 43 other PC districts that also need things, do you think they will pick a Liberal District over a PC district? Let your great Liberal MHA give you everything you deserve... Nothing..

lockyer9 wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 12:33 PM ET

you people turned on the pc's and now you want them to pat you on the back...i'm not a pc, liberal or ndp,in fact i voted liberal in my district the last two elections...i voted liberal but i won't lower myself like your doing right kicked the pc's out of your district,now live with it..stop crying and vote the next time ,for who might form the government,then you can complain..

GodGuardTheeNL wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 3:07 PM ET

What is that old saying about reaping what you sow??? My advice to the mayor is to go have a nice long chat with Marshall Dean, he is the man that they elected to represent them, he is getting paid a tidy sum to represent them, he will probably get a couple of pensions for his trouble. Funny how it's alway someone elses fault with these guys. You know, the premier, or the minister, or Trevor Taylor, or whomever. Never the people who were blowing their horns when Mr. Dean was elected.

RedRantingTory wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 3:12 PM ET

Abandoned by PCs, St. Anthony mayor says
After the district saved a Liberal member. TIt for tat? You reap what you sew in politics. Did they really think they were going to be rewarded? How political nieve you are Mr Simms.

DwayneCull wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 3:28 PM ET

I think the headline for this story is correct, only thing is, the words are a little mixed up....I think it should read:

St. Anthony abandoned PC's, paid price, says Mayor.....

That sums it up better....

dogman643 wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 3:37 PM ET

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

boatguy wrote:Posted 2010/03/26
at 11:00 PM ET

Simms wonders what happened to the promise to reward the district.
St. Anthony was well rewarded during the tory " stay 'there. wharf extensions , new school and sports complex etc.
bottom line is that the troies did not abondon the district , the district abondoned the tories.

squarefore wrote:Posted 2010/03/27
at 12:17 PM ET

Mr Mayor, You seem to be surprised. What did you expect?
People should never cut off their noses, to spite their faces.

lockyer9 wrote:Posted 2010/03/28
at 12:09 PM ET

when a government is in power, when we have a by-election,you should,if you have any sense at all, put in a person who is representing the government...when a full election is called,that is the time to open your minds and vote what is in your heart..when you put in a liberal in that by-election,you turned your back on the government...really,what do you expect...stop crying and accept this,after all,it was your own doing..

UPDATE: Round II begins:

keepkool wrote:Posted 2010/03/28
at 4:01 PM ET

what people seem to forget is this move is about trying to better a service to save lives and not about st anthony looseing a few jobs.why did marshell dean not bring this to the fore front long before it was announced.he was told about it long before it happened,just another mha falling down on the job.get real people and fealize the mistake you made in voting liberal.the pcs are not to blame maybe your member is.where is yvonne jones now ? nobody looking for votes i guess.


At 4:38 PM, March 28, 2010 , Blogger Peter said...

I wonder how many of them voted ABC in the last federal election.

At 4:49 PM, March 28, 2010 , Blogger Mark said...

Aw shucks. Peter raced me to the punch...


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