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Friday, April 23, 2010

But (XXII)

Some comments in response to CBC's follow-on coverage of the Western Star's insufficiently Premier-positive Thursday editorial:
HVHercules wrote:Posted 2010/04/23 at 9:49 AM ET
While Danny Williams is the best leader in Newfoundland and Labrador history, his poor interpersonal skills and school yard bully like attitude from Williams and his poorly controlled cabinet ministers also makes Williams the worst leader in the province's history as well.

Birdbrain2 wrote:Posted 2010/04/23 at 11:15 AM ET
I do not think that Mr. Williams should retire but maybe he should take some anger management courses so he can control his moods. I wonder if he was that way as a lawyer??

mel_in_nl wrote:Posted 2010/04/23 at 11:19 AM ET
I have always been a supporter of Danny Williams... my only issue is that he does not respect a union's right of collective bargaining... He is negative, demanding, and intimidating, and uses scare tactics to get attention! He does it to gain the support of the public... and it just strains the relationship of the unions with the government!

Rocky Waters wrote:Posted 2010/04/23 at 1:00 PM ETYes... encourage Danny to retire. I have always felt that Mr. Williams would be a good leader. I didn't expect he would be a tyrant. Having said that I believe he has done much more good for this province than allthe previous premiers before him, together.



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