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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is renting votes OK? (III)

Apparently not.

Despite the Speaker's determination on Tuesday that the phrase "buy votes" did not lend itself to a point of order, another Speaker, under similar circumstances, not so long ago, came to the opposite conclusion:

MR. SPEAKER: I would like to advise all hon. members, I guess, being new in the Chair, I will start this way: It was a slip of the tongue when I took the motion for adjournment verses recess. However, we have reviewed the tapes. There is no indication on the tapes that there was a motion put forward, or if the motion was carried or defeated on the tape.

I would also like to advise all hon. members that our Standing Orders state very clearly that it is only on Wednesdays that the Speaker can adjourn the House.
On the ruling, I have listened to the tapes clearly and heard the Minister of Education make the comment that he was buying votes, in reference to the Member for Ferryland. I have to say to all hon. members that this caused quite a considerable disturbance here in our hon. House and I therefore would ask the Minister of Education if he would withdraw his remarks.

The hon. the Minister of Education.

MR. REID: I withdraw them, Mr. Speaker.



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