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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sucking and blowing

Dear Leader, Dear, Pathetic, Blame-Shifting, Responsibility-Avoiding Hypocrite of a Leader, bleated these odd and repetitive words to assembled microphones on Tuesday:
That air ambulance has to move, thanks to the Leader of the Opposition, who raised this in the first place, and brought it up, and wanted to have this air ambulance moved to Labrador. As a result of that exercise, we undertook a study, and that study has not only proven that St. John’s is the primary site, that Happy Valley-Goose Bay is the secondary site, but in fact now Deer Lake is the third site. So even if, in fact, somewhere down the road there was, in fact, even a third plane, it would have to go to Deer Lake.
Message to St. Anthony: it’s all Yvonne’s fault.

Unless, of course, per Triv Taylor, it’s all your own fault for voting for change.

Either way, if someone is at fault, it’s not We.

Which is all very odd, because on the day of the announcement itself, Jerome! Kennedy — he must be a Liberal, or a traitor, or working for Quebec — was pleased with himself:
"Our government recognizes the importance of responding to health care needs in all regions of our province and I am pleased today to announce changes to the provincial air ambulance program," said Minister Kennedy. "Residents of our province need to have an air ambulance program that is reliable and ensures patients are transported in a timely manner to access health care services."
Mere days later, the Minister of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs — he must also be a Liberal, or a traitor, or working for Quebec — touted the air ambulance decision as part of the “Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador”.

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