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Friday, July 16, 2010

No, not culled from the pages of The Onion

Fresh from the exciting news that the provincial government has concluded an important agreement with itself, comes this almost-as-exciting news:

Meetings of Ministerial Task Force Called Successful

Meetings between the Ministerial Task Force dealing with the closure of the mill in Grand Falls-Windsor and those affected by it are being called successful. The Chair of the Task Force, Innovation Trade and Rural Development Minister Shawn Skinner, says they met with town officials, the community development committee, Exploits Valley Joint Councils and union representatives. Skinner says the Task Force also discussed the mill's future. He says the resources are there and ready for the taking, as long as it's an employer that will benefit the people of Central Newfoundland.
In other words: Ministerial Task Force Successful, Ministerial Task Force Says.

Cf., from 2007: Williams doing great job: Williams



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