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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Danny Williams: Federalist

In Our Dear Throne Speech 2007, We intoned:

We as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians aspire, not to perpetual subservience, but to self-sufficiency. Our people are not content to tolerate a future of relying on others economically. However, our people have now also learned that we will achieve self-reliance economically only by taking charge of our future as a people. To that end, My Government will harness the desire among Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to cultivate greater cultural, financial and moral autonomy vis-à-vis Ottawa. … Our people are proud nationalists who believe it is only by affirming our identity as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that we will realize our goal of economic equality within the federation. Our people are ready to take charge of our future and, under My First Minister’s leadership, our province will achieve self-reliance by becoming masters of our own house.
And in 2009, we expanded Our Dear Autonomist, self-reliant bent to the international level:
As we move forward to forge new and stronger relationships for the century to come, it is essential that the concerns and aspirations of all members of the federation be taken into account. Unfortunately, Newfoundland and Labrador is not convinced that the current Federal administration, having ignored our best interests when developing domestic policy, will do any better in representing our best interests when developing foreign policy.

If the current Federal Government is not prepared to represent the best interests of provinces like ours, then we as a province will protect our best interests ourselves. To lower tariff barriers to our exports while safeguarding our fish stocks and securing markets for our seal products, we will speak up on our own behalf on the international stage and work to effect progressive agreements that take our best interests fully into account.

Today, in the same week that it was revealed We are looking for another $375 million in federal funding to becomee self-reliant with, We emerged in the lobby, with Our tail between Our legs, and extolled the newly-rediscovered virtues of federalism. As We said in Our scrum this morning:
We’re very very pleased that the Government of Canada has stepped in here, and done what it felt it had to do, and, y’know, from our perspective this is a good ending to this matter. Now, it’s not completely concluded, but from my perspective it is…

The Government of Canada has to deal on a national basis. Y’know, there’s a lot of interesting discussion of where provinces like Quebec or Alberta or other provinces, y’know, should be dealing in international negotiations. It’s always been the position of the Premiers of the country that they should have some representation there and should be heard. However, y’know, the Government of Canada is the one that has to properly deal in NAFTA. So if in fact there’s a dispute, well that can go both ways. So if there’s a breach or a violation by the Americans, well, then, of course, then if the compensation gets paid, then does that compensation then filter down to the provinces that are affected? Easiest thing to do is have them deal on just a national government basis.

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