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Sunday, September 12, 2010

All just a little bitta history repeating

From a Ministerial Statement reproduced as Appendix G in a certain A. Brian Peckford's The Past in the Present (Cuff, 1983).

The date of the statement is not given, but it would appear to have been some time in 1980:
There often seems to be the impression given that Newfoundland only receives by does not contribute. Nothing could be further from the truth.


At 3:22 PM, September 12, 2010 , Blogger Polly said...

It appears that our Brian is now coaching the PC party of British Columbia . "Sprung Greenhouses" anyone !

At 5:12 PM, September 12, 2010 , Blogger Polly said...

Geez this sounds familiar :The $18.5 million joint venture between the Sprung Group of Companies and the Newfoundland government is being touted as a solution to several of Newfoundland's problems.(Bond Papers)


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