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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hair trigger

Commenter David W. is not happy with Geoff Meeker:

David W - October 17th, 2010 at 07:15:07

So Geoff returns after a long absense and when I see the tilte I know excatly what the column is about before I read it. "Meeker on Media" is a laughable name for your column. Whether you like Danny Williams, hate him or are an "objective journalist" just change the name of your column so it apllies to what you do, which is take every opportunity possible to bash Danny while making a feeble attempt to relate to some faint "media" angle. Unbelieveable.

For the record, and for David W.'s benefit, Geoff Meeker's twenty most recent postings have been about a satirical video using audio clips of Danny Williams, CBC coverage of Igor, VOCM/Jerome Kennedy, VOCM/Rogers TV, media coverage of a crime story, an expat at CBC Calgary, a documentary film, CBC technical problems, the Telegram website, media coverage of the lottery, Ryan Cleary on VOCM, CBC Radio Talkback, Kathy Dunderdale's epic fail as a media mouthpiece for the government, accusations about an un-named journalist, CBC coverage of an economic story, Jerome Kennedy's boycott of the Northern Pen, Atlantic Business Magazine, the cover story of the Herald about Danny Williams, the War of 1812, and media awards.

All but the War of 1812 one have a "media angle". The only other posting, besides the parody video, which directly involves His Dear Name is the one on the Herald's cover over the summer... which is neutral to favourable about the media issue in question and its subject.

You have to go back even further by an unspecified amount of time*, to late spring or early summer, to a posting entitled "All Spin, No Traction" to find the last posting directly critical of Glorious Leader.

If Meeker is taking "every opportunity possible to bash Danny", boy, he sure is doing it wrong.

* Transcontinental's website "improvements" over the summer oh so cleverly bit-bucketted the very important information on the date of website content, as well as pre-existing comments, many of great value to posterity.


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