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Monday, January 31, 2011

His Master's Voice

Vaughn Granter is apparently the only horse in the Humber West by-election race who has a voice:

Vaughn Granter has been knocking on a lot of doors since he won the nomination to represent the Progressive Conservatives in the Feb.15 byelection in Humber West.

And what he’s been hearing is that people want a voice in the House of Assembly.

“They want someone from the district on the government side of the house,” said Granter, while taking a quick break from campaigning in the Shamrock Cresent area of the district Saturday afternoon.
Even though his competitors in the by-election are apparently mute, it is hard to imagine what Mr. Granter, the only voicèd on, might do with his voice should he have occasion to use it in the House of Assembly.

After all, had it not been for the presence of Dear Leader, previous PC by-election winners Clayton Forsey, Felix Collins, Keith Hutchings, Tony Cornect, Kevin Pollard, Kevin Parsons, Paul Davis, and Sandy Collins would have had very little to do with their voices.

Without a personality-cult hymnbook to sing from, what would be left for Vaughan Granter's voice to do? Or what's a Keith Hutchings or a Sandy Collins for?


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