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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Newfoundland and something

Let’s see, now: Labrador mines produce about 90% of the province’s mineral output by value and employ 70% of the provincial mining industry labour force, and Labrador accounts, in recent years, for about two-thirds of the mineral exploration industry, by value, in the province as a whole.

So, naturally, it makes perfect sense that the provincial government’s “Mineral Strategy” road-show would start with nine dates, all across the province from Baie Verte to St. John’s, with “the remainder of the sessions [to] be announced at a later date.”


At 5:08 AM, February 16, 2011 , Blogger Norman Andrews said...

Good one!
I get Wally, seen it before. i.e. Danny Williams criss-crossed the province in his motorhome many times in the last 10 days, from St,John's to Port Au Basques"

Still in their mind where the real province of NL is & Labrador is just a warehouse to Nfld. government. So what should we do, the peoples of the Bigland? Separate like Lawrence used to say, but we are devided & conquered, aren't we?

At 11:29 PM, February 16, 2011 , Blogger WJM said...

The best, EVER, was early in the DW era, when DW himself graced Nain with his presence.

While he was on his swing through northern Labrador, some minor crisis or another erupted back in capital city, and panicked reporters were panicking that they couldn't reach Press Flunky A by cellphone.

Press Flunky B helpfully explained, and went on the record so explaining, that DW was away in Nain, and that there is no cell coverage there, but that he would be doing a media availability as soon as he got back to the province.


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