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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The secret ballot (II)

The Western School District's by-laws — adopted in 2003, or Year 1, B.D., and approved presumably by then-Minister Gerry Reid — also allows for the possibility of board votes that aren't open. The default position is for open voting:

3.9 Voting on Motions

3.9.1 In the event that the Board, by a procedural resolution, has decided in advance on the voting method for a specific question or questions, then voting on all such question(s) shall be conducted in accordance with that procedural resolution. In the absence of any such procedural resolution, voting on a motion shall normally be by a show of hands.

3.9.2 The presiding officer shall have the same right to vote as other trustees. Where there is a tie vote, the question shall be considered as resolved in the negative.

3.93 A simple majority is sufficient to resolve the question in the positive at any meeting of the Board or of any of its committees.

3.9.4 All members who wish to participate and vote at regular meetings of the Board must be in attendance.



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