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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the Memory Hole, IX

A fascinating letter to the editor, published in the June 1, 2002 edition of The Telegram.

What ever became of that nice and prudent Mr. Parsons?

Another look

I’m no expert on Voisey’s Bay but I can remember both Churchill Falls and Hibernia.
These projects had a lot in common: the government wanted to get the projects going quickly, and at any cost.

We all know about Churchill Falls and the missing escalation clause. I thought the signing of Hibernia was a wonderful thing, but now I have grave reservations. The limited number of jobs was great in the short term, but over the long haul, wouldn’t it have been better to have negotiated a well-head royalty — again, with an escalation clause?

I think the escalation clause would have benefited the people of the province financially, but the powers-that-be of the day minimized it.

Sign it

Remember, the prominent motivation on both occasions was to simply get it signed.

Voisey’s Bay may be the best deal since sliced bread.

Then again, we thought the same about the other two mega-projects. If this deal is signed, it’s sealed. Why bring it to the House of Assembly? Nothing would change.

Check the fine print

For God’s sake, before signing this deal, let it be scrutinized by members of the House, and also perhaps by a select committee of experts who have no political axe to grind.

There would be no harm in taking a month to delve into this. If everything is rosy, great — but if some adjustments or changes have to be made, let’s make them.

And this time, do the right thing — not for political gain but rather for the people.

We need to make one out of three right.

With this project executed correctly, our province could turn over a new leaf.

Kevin Parsons


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