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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Back in the spring, then-Natural Resources Minister, and Mastermind of Muskrat Falls, Shawn Skinner, told the House of Assembly that there would be no Muskrat Falls sales job:

MR. SKINNER: One thing we are not trying to do, or certainly I am not trying to do as minister, is to try to convince people. What I am trying to do is inform people. I believe my job is to inform people, not to convince people. I have enough respect for the people on the opposite side of the House and for the rest of the people in this Province that once they have the information, they will make up their own minds as to what it is they believe should or should not happen. I am not here to try to convince people; I am not here to try to sell people. I am here to try to inform people and we have done that. We have put a lot of information out there.
This was scant weeks before Nalcor itself embarked on yet another round of Definitely Not a Sales Job.

Unfortunately for Mastermind, the burghers of St. John's Centre decided in October that it was time for him to try new challenges. Thus, Mastermind's successor in office is going into sales.



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