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Saturday, December 10, 2011


With three weeks to go until the calendar starts reading 2012, the most recent Elections Newfoundland and Labrador by-election financial disclosure is from the Terra Nova by-election of November 26, 2009.

There have been three by-elections since then: those in Topsail on March 16, 2010, Conception Bay East—Bell Island more than a year ago on December 2, 2010, and Humber West almost ten months ago on February 15, 2011.

By way of comparison:

In Nova Scotia, the full report, including financials, of the June 21 by-election in Cape Breton North, was published last month.

In Ontario, financial disclosures for three by-elections held in early 2010 in Ottawa West—Nepean, Leeds—Grenville and Toronto Centre were published within the same calendar year.

In Manitoba, the financial statements for candidates in the Concordia by-election on March 2, 2010 were published by summer.

In British Columbia, financial statements for electoral events as recent as the May by-election in Vancouver—Point Grey are already available.



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