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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Some jerk spent his St. Paddy's Day night pointing out the paucity of the Hansard record from the Hon. Member for Terra Nova (read from the bottom up):

Last Thursday, the Hon. Member spoke again during — what else? — Members' Statements, adding another 213 words to his career total.

But on Monday, the Hon. Member not only read a notice of motion into the record — conveniently enough, to be brought forward on Wednesday — he also actually spoke to something called "legislation", delivering a whopping 4370 words for the day.

Monday's performance was followed, according to the 'Blues' of today's sitting, by another 2432 golden words, spoken to the same bill, soon to be preserved for posterity.

All in all, the Hon. Member for Terra Nova, lo these past 48 hours, made fully 46% of the House of Assembly intervention he has made so far in his young career, exclusive of clapping, desk-thumping, and the occasional unattributed heckle or "Oh, oh."



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